Rage Quit: What’s going on with NES Classic?

I’ve decided to start a new column entitled Rage Quit. Here is where I will go to vent about all things gaming related or probably anything that falls within my interests!

Back in December I remember passively thinking “Oh there is going to be new NES Classic stock, maybe I will try and grab one”. I had the browser all set up. Credit Card saved on Best Buy. Should be a piece of cake right? The window opens, I add it to my cart, go to check out annnnnnd its GONE! This happened 2 more times since release where I tried to get the system..

4 1/2 months have passed since the NES Classic was released and here we are still without a restock. Obviously since its been released Nintendo has announced, previewed and released the Switch, which is great. But many of us are still left with out the classic!

There were rumors going around that production was stopped and that we wouldn’t be getting anymore but those rumors were squashed. Then where is the restock? I get that we’re focusing on Switch now but NES classic is still a thing right? Will Nintendo acknowledge it or let it just be forgotten?


I am a Nintendo fanboy no doubt. I love the company and will always support them. However decisions such as this leave such a sour taste in my mouth. Don’t you want to reward your fans? Don’t you want new fans for these classic games? There are plenty of classics on here that till this day I haven’t beaten! I want to have this system for when I have kids so that they can see where it all began.

How do shortages benefit the company? Yes there is more demand and more hype but in the long run you are just frustrating your fans. Recently you will see retailers get a very limited stock of the system. My local stores get 2 systems IF they’re lucky. By the time you can get in your car they’re already sold!


My biggest worry is that there wont be any care for this console due to the Switch.

My other theory is that they are holding off due to the recent hacking of the software which allows you to play downloaded ROM’s. Yes it sucks that your hardware is being taken advantage of. If that’s the case put in better security measures or better yet just let it happen. Worked for PSP! They sold over 70 million of those!

I really hope Nintendo gets it together with stock of the system. Not only with NES but with Switch too. LET US PLAY YOUR GAMES!


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