Star Wars Gaming as a Kid

I’m not here to review these games, just getting nostalgic!

It’s hard to narrow down exactly when it happens but I remember going to a little mom and pop shop at a local mall here in Toronto Canada (no, I’m not friends with Drake) and being told I can pick a game for my shiny new game boy color.

Having recently watched episode 1 (don’t judge me) I was on a star wars kick. So I pick the first game I saw. That game was Star Wars: Yoda Stories.

Never heard of it? Basically it’s a top down game where you play as Luke doing shit that Yoda wants you to do through 15 levels. From the back it kind of looked like a Zelda clone which is what initially grabbed me.

The game was horrible but when you’re a kid and not influenced by review scores, whatever game you have is always awesome. Looking back on it now I remember it being and buggy mess and no never finishing it because of thathe. Really nothing memorable about it so avoid this one like the plague.

My first REAL good Star Wars game would be the infamous Shadow of the Empire.

This seemed to be the game that most N64 owners had so I was always exposed to it whenever I was at a friends house. Finally purchasing it myself I got to start from the beginning rather than random save points. Looking at reviews of the game now it seems not everyone felt the love for it that I had (IGN gave it a 6.5 out of 10) but as I said earlier, when you’re young you are just happy with whatever game you have.

I made the most out of this game. I explored every nook & cranny, tried different approaches to finishing levels and oh man that jet pack! The game starts off so strong reliving the battle of hoth it made you truly feel apart of the universe. It never seems to match the authentic nature of that level throughout the game but I think thats what made it special is you felt as in the universe without just replaying the movie.

After this there was of course Rogue Squadron which was solid and slowly after that I started playing alot of PC games. I really got swallowed into a rabbit hole of all the SW games available to me. Some were demos, some were full games.

Started off with Dark Forces, then Jedi Outcast (Original and sequel) but the one that I love the most would be Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds.

This came at a time where I was in love with strategy games. Endless hours played. Usually up until 4AM just running matches.

I could keep going on. I loved Jedi Power Battles for its co-op. I lost life with KOTOR the list goes on. If you cant tell, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Star Wars games. Good or bad, the dev’s behind all these games always manage to capture even a little bit of the magic that the franchise brings. Maybe its nostalgia or maybe they know what they’re doing….. Let’s be real they play with our hearts and know exactly what strings to pull.


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