A love letter to Nintendo Wii U

Wow. That happened a lot sooner than I thought. Here I was thinking I was going to have some more time with her. I would finished Breath of the Wild, wrap up some unfinished business and maybe even try some observe stuff such as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. But a new opportunity presented itself to make the move to switch and I would have been an idiot not to take it! Since that meant trading in the Wii U I want to write about the system that majority of people loved to bash but I adored.

I never had any intention on buying an boutique Wii U when it was announced. The Wii lost its charm to me so I didn’t want more of it. One day my wife and I were at a festival that had a Nintendo kiosk. She liked the system and said (probably jokingly) this is great we should grab this system one day. Yeah you should never give me permission to buy technology because I will! Fast forward a few weeks later and the Wind Waker HD bundle was released

The bundle came with a Zelda decal on the gamepad, a digital copy of Wind Waker HD & a digital copy of Hyrule Historia. That is alot of Zelda in one package!

I never played Wind Waker before so I was in LOVE with this game. The HD remaster made it pop and it looked glorious on my 55″. In times where the TV was in use the off TV play was perfect. I know it’s range is limited but in a small apartment it wasn’t an issue for me.

From there I got pretty much any major release that came out. I was so happy with what I started with I wanted to continue supporting it. I even went back to some Wii games I never got to finish such as Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy.

Other than the initial launch lineup of PS3/Xbox 360 ports, the Wii U never got any real third party support. Once it was clear what the system was, developers didn’t want to waste their time on it. But we still had to get our Nintendo fix right? So the rest of us that were left stood by the console.

Being one of the ride or die fans I don’t know what I was expecting the life of Wii U to bring. We knew we weren’t going to get any major support anymore. We knew the system couldn’t last on it’s own 1st party games but we continued to support the system in anticipation of the newest Zelda or a chance that Nintendo would pull something out of their ass. As we all predicted though the Wii U didn’t last. I do think it died out a lot faster than we were expecting. I honestly thought one more year out of it.

The system itself was cheap. The gamepad felt as if it was made by Fisher Price, the hard drive was extremely low, the UI was the same as the Wii.

The love for the system came from the games however. You cannot deny the magic behind Nintendo games. Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Maker, Smash Bros. Obviously the iconic franchises are the ones that stand out but we got some special IP’s too. Splatoon was a hidden gem that has blown up. My absolute favourite which had me glued to my gamepad for over 100 hours was Xenoblade Chronicles X.

Honestly, I cant explain what this game made me feel. It was sort of the pre-cursor for Zelda. Complete exploration, a massive open world that I would get lost in. The game was extremely impressive on the Wii U and I thought after playing this that maybe the Wii U wasn’t going to die after all (spoiler alert I was wrong).

The love the Wii U gets is easily due to its library. Nothing about the console is memorable only the experiences it provided. However that is the testament to the system were what we played on it. Hopefully they port majority of the titles to the switch, not as just another way to make a buck but more for many more players to enjoy games that others missed out.

I will always appreciate the time I had with it.

Sleep well old friend ❤




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