ARMS: Global Test Punch Wrap Up

Since the game is out in 2 weeks I’m going to go through some key points I took from my experience during the event.

The demo ran you through the tutorial (which did a good job at explaining the gameplay) and online matches. I’m very keen on the way the lobby is here. While you’re waiting in the lobby you can just do a warm up match until your match is ready. You’ll never be waiting for action!


You’re put in a room with a bunch of people and you’ll randomly be generated into one of the many game types that ARMS has to offer. Gives you an idea of what’s going on with other players and what’s yet to come. You’ll also be able to adjust your character.


Modes I played during the event were: Fight, Team Fight, VS Hedlok & Skillshot.

Fight is simply 1v1


Team Fight is actually a really interesting twist on 2v2. You and your teammate are attach to each other and have to work together to come out on top. If one of the team members gets KO’d then you’re free like a bird to move around. There is also a revision where you and another team have to knock targets out. Highest score wins however if you aim your arms just right you can knock out the other team. They’ll lose points and it’ll slow them down


VS Hedlock is a team mode but without the tied down restrictions. You team up with up to 4 people to take on Hedlock (clever name). He’s just a big ass head that o believe you can’t actually grab. Super strong and ready to mess your team up!


I didn’t get to try the highly acclaimed Hoops or V-Ball unfortunately. As enjoyable it is to have random matches I wouldn’t mind the ability to select my game type in the full version. All the modes felt refreshing enough though that you could keep on playing without getting tired of the same old match.

The connection quality of every match was top notch. There was no lag at all in my matches and I was barely waiting in any lobby for games. Controls wise – You have normal controls and motion controls. I personally could not get the hang of the motion controls. It felt too stiff for me. The pro controller/hand held scheme is the way to go. There is a lot more precision in landing the punches that way which is key when you’re low on health

Does Nintendo have another new IP hit? I think they might. They seem to be nailing these casual/competitive experiences. You never feel as if you suck but you always feel like you can be a pro at it. I think the game walks a very thin line between party game and competitive fighter. There’s a lot of depth here but anyone can just pick up and play.


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