Coming in 2018 – Sony’s E3 Conference

Overall another good Sony Conference. It wasn’t as perfect as last year. More or so because of this was everything we knew what was happening. I guess I was looking for more surprises. But the games that were shown were all solid, no doubt about that. I feel what we got was a recap of what we saw last year with a few extra nuggets. Great pacing, giving the gamers what they wanted. Majority of things are 2018. Hopefully those come through. But enough chit chat let’s get to the games.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Looks like there might be room for co-op. Graphically Naughty Dog is untouchable my god!

Horizon: Zero Dawn (The Frozen Winds)

I didn’t realize they were doing DLC until about a  month ago. I honestly thought what you got was what the game was. The DLC looks more of the same but I’m looking forward to getting back into that world. Although Breath of the Wild may have ruined exploration for me!

Days Gone

We saw an extended look of the game that was shown at E3 2016. Post apocalyptic zombie-ish open world. Unfortunately nothing looks new here. Has a very “Last of Us” feel but with open environments. Hoping that I’m wrong and this is another fantastic experience but with so much in this genre what will Days Gone do that other games haven’t?

Monster Hunter World

I’ve never really played a game like this other than Soul Sacrifice for Vita. This looks like something much much bigger than any of those two games


This was the biggest surprise of the conference. Its a remake/remaster but it looks fresh and new. I loved the HD remaster on the PS3 and I will probably be a sucker for this one too.

We got a cinematic trailer for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Releases September 19th The story seems good but I feel like DragonBall Fighters won my heart for fighters at E3. Also a Story demo is available as of this posting.

Playstation VR Highlights

It’s nice to see Sony give VR a continuous push as I feel it was a little absent during PSX 2016. They went through a bunch of games. Most of them with no clear direction on what they were. Call it Wave 2 (or 3?) of the PSVR games.

Skyrim VR, Star Child, The Inpatient, FFXV Fishing? (I saw my first E3 Yawn in the crowd for this one) Bravo Team, MOSS,

God of War

More of what we saw at last E3.  It’s coming out Early 2018. Really thought it would have been a holiday game.The gameplay is tight. I think this is the right direction for the franchise. No doubt we can expect an amazing experience from this. Hopefully a deeper story than past iterations. But more blood. Always more blood.

Then you have your multi platform shooters. Desinty 2 with Exclusive contesnt on PS4 (you’re not missing much), Call of Duty WWII. I was honestly surprised to see Call of Duty WWII on the Sony show. Expected this to be an Xbox One X Console Launch Mega Exclusive DLC (you get the joke?) Nothing more to add. Looks like they’re going back to WWII roots. So much that they called the game that. I stopped playing these games after COD 4 but I’m glad people still enjoy it.

They closed out the show with Spider Man. The game looks as amazing as we all hoped it would be. Its Uncharted meets Arkham games plus well Spider Man. Easily my most anticipated. Sad about the 2018 date. Check out the trailer below


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