Zombie Dice (TableTop) Review

Zombie dice is a fun and competitive dice-rolling game that is easy to learn and hard to dislike. With no setup and no pieces that remain on the table, Zombie Dice is extremely portable and great for any occasion. Similarly to Get Bit, this is another smaller game and won’t receive my typical in-depth review.


In Zombie Dice, players choose three dice at random, roll them, and depending on what they roll they may choose to roll again, they may choose to score, or they may be forced to pass their turn. A player wins once they score 13 points. For our sample game, we’re going to have 3 players. Let’s get started.


As I previously mentioned there isn’t any setup to this game. All you need is the Cylinder the game comes in. If you’d like, you can use a piece of paper or smartphone to keep track of everyone’s score. The developers recommend their official Zombie Dice Score Pad which can be found online. Personally, I think it works best for everyone to keep track of their own score in their head, or for one person to keep track of everyone’s scores on a smartphone.

Taking a turn

Player 1 will start by drawing three dice at random from the dice cup. Player 1 drew two green dice and one yellow die. The color of the die lets players know how many of each possible result are on the die. I’ve put them in a table below

Red Dice Yellow Dice Green Dice
Number of Brains 1 2 3
Number of Footprints 2 2 2
Number of Shotguns 3 2 1

Roll 1

Player 1 rolls all three dice simultaneously. Player 1 rolled one footprint, one shotgun, and one brain. The shotgun and brain are set aside. Player 1 now has two options. Score or Roll Again. If Player 1 were to score, he or she would get 1 point because Player 1 rolled one brain so far. Then all the dice would be put back into the dice cup. If Player 1 were to Roll Again they would draw two more dice. Player 1 would then re-roll the footprint dice and the two new dice. You should always roll 3 dice at a time. In this example Player 1 is going to Roll Again.

Roll 2

Player 1 drew another green die and another yellow die. Player 1 now rolls all three dice, keeping the brain and shotgun from Roll 1 aside. Player 1 rolled two brains and one shotgun. Player 1 now decides to Score the three brains.


Player 1 writes down or makes a mental note that they have 3 points, one for each brain, returns all dice to the dice cup, and passes the cup to the next player. If Player 1 had rolled two shotguns, for a total of three this turn, Player 1 would “die” and not be allowed to score any points on this turn.

Ending the Game

Once a player scores and reaches 13 brains, all other players are allowed one final turn. Other players can still win by getting the most brains. This isn’t an official rule, but it’s a house rule that will keep all players engaged to the end.

The Verdict

I first played this game in college. I purchased a copy on amazon after seeing it on Wil Wheaton’s TableTop YouTube Series. I really like the simplicity of this game and think it’s a great game to keep in your backpack for any dull moment. Like most small games, I don’t know how fun it would be to play multiple games back to back. I would recommend pairing it with other short games like Tsuro or Get Bit. I’d also recommend using it as a buffer-game between two bigger more strategic games. My only complaint about the version that I have is that the dice cup is plastic and makes an unbelievably loud sound when shaken to mix up the dice. Other than that, this game is fun for what it is. I’m giving Zombie Dice a 7/10.


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