Knight Terrors Review

Nintendo Switch has been home to a lot of games lately that are suited extremely well for mobile platforms. Some games are ports of pre existing mobile games and some are first on switch.

Knight Terrors feels like it could work on a mobile phone but have it on the beautiful widescreen of the switch feels necessary and helps in anticipating your enemies.


Knight Terrors is a horror-themed arcade-style side-scroller but different than the one from the NES days where this is an endless runner rather than level based. You enemy automatically runs while you worry about jumping and attacking. You have 3 hearts for life and you cannot miss any enemies. Each missed enemy is a strike. 3 strikes and you’re out of course. While running your hero will be faced with ground enemies, flying enemies and some that just will change up their patterns to the background to mess with you. Also in your way are ground spikes and pikes that are feel like a close resemblance to green tunnels you would find in the infamous Flappy Bird.

You only have 2 buttons to worry about. Jumping & attack.  Since this game generates the enemies at random its hard to predict when to do either attack. Don’t think you’ll be memorizing the set up so on your next run you will be able to dominate. I’ve had scenarios where there are 2 enemies on screen. One on the ground, one in the air and oh there are spikes on the ground. Split second decisions need to be made. For a game of this small nature there is a surprisingly a good amount of strategy to your attacks.

When you first start the game you are only presented with Normal mode. However more modes are unlocked by completing more tasks such as reaching a certain amount of points within a single run. Since each level is randomly generated you’ll always have a difference experience. You may destroy your 1st run but the next 10 could be impossible to get through. Having this element makes the game have a high replay value since you’ll never know what each run will be like.KT_screen_11

With each mode that unlocks comes a new twist on the game play. Flight Knight requires you to constantly stay flying in the air as the ground is full of spikes . Endless Knight has you running until you die or miss 3 enemies. The difference between this mode & normal mode is that in Normal you miss counter resets with ever level (score milestone) you pass. There are more game modes to unlock. I’m slowly working my way to them.


Knight Terrors joins the massive Nintendo Switch library as one of the cheapest games on the eShop at $2.99. It’s great that the game is priced based on what it is however you will get so much more time out of this game than you would think. It’s extremely addictive as well as tough as nails. If you’re looking for something to play in between sessions of other games you can’t go wrong with this gem of a runner.

Developer: FreakZone Games

Publisher: Nicalis

Release Date: October 24, 2017

Available On: Nintendo Switch



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