Jydge – Nintendo Switch Review

Going in to Jydge, I was expecting a standard top-down twin-stick shooter game, where you have to kill waves and waves of enemies, in a constant onslaught.  What I actually found was something much more enjoyable.  At first, the game presents itself as something you might find in an iOS game, however, upon spending some time with it, it is actually quite a bit deeper.


In Jydge, which is pronounced “Judge”, you basically play as a Robocop type character, sent in to clean up the city, in a world where the letter “U” is outlawed.  Okay, I’m kidding about the last part, but for some reason (or possibly no reason whatsoever), the letter U is always replaced by a Y (Jydge, electrocyte, jystice, etc.).  But, let’s be honest here…nobody is playing this game for the story.  The bottom line is you are a dude, with a badass gun, and lots of bad guys to kill.


The game plays out in a series of missions, where you tend to have one main task, such as “Rescue the hostages”, or “Kill the gang leader”, as well as a couple side tasks, such as finishing the mission in 30 seconds, or collecting all loot.  Using the money you obtain from doing the missions, you can unlock new abilities and weapons, and each of these can be upgraded themselves, to improve their stats.  The missions can be replayed later, in a hard-mode setting, with new objectives to try to complete.  There is also a 2 player co-op mode, which I have not yet had a chance to test out, but I can imagine this would be a great game for it.shot-06.png

My only real complaint with the game, is that the hostages can be difficult to spot.  There have been multiple occasions where a bad guy was right next to a hostage that I didn’t see, and in shooting the bad guy, I also killed the hostage.


In the end, this game turned out to be a delight to play, and much more involved than I had originally expected.  I see this being a game that I come back to for awhile, as there are plenty of available upgrades to keep you busy for quite some time.  When it comes down to it, the bottom line is that this game is, in a word, “fyn”.

Developer: 10Tons Ltd

Publisher: 10Tons Ltd

Release Date: October 19, 2017 (Nintendo Switch)

Available On: PC (Steam), Xbox One, PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch




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