Oure Review

In the wake of the visually compelling game, Journey, we have seen more and more games come out that try to replicate that perfect blend of visual storytelling and gameplay. ‘Oure’ nails the visual aspect and simplistic gameplay, but tends to miss the mark with the story.

The game opens up with a small boy who has been raised in a desolate world filled with darkness and despair. He has only dreamt of another life among the clouds. The boy is then soon transported to this “dream” like world and is transformed into a dragon with abilities, and you then are tasked with restoring hope and order to the world you came from.


The world among the clouds is a truly appeasing sight. You consistently find yourself wanting to explore every cloud in sight, in hopes of discovering orbs that you need to collect in your quest to restore the world you came from. Along with collecting orbs, you find artifacts that eventually lead you to discover the “Titans”, who were once the guardians of the world you came from. The artifacts you need to collect are scattered amongst the clouds and are located on floating platforms that assist you in resurrecting the Titans.  In terms of story, the game doesn’t really offer up much. The visuals tend to make up for the lack of story, but the story really isn’t what is pushing you to explore. Despite the lack thereof, there is something about flying through the clouds that is incredibly relaxing, but after a while it may feel repetitive.



Overall, there’s enough here to enjoy. Despite the lack of explanation for the world you are exploring and repetitive level design, the visuals of this game are truly compelling. I hate to compare this game to ‘Journey’, but there are clear inspirations taken from that game. ‘Journey’ triumphs when it leaves the story up to your own interpretation, and I think ‘Oure’ would’ve benefited greatly if the writers would gone down the same route. I do appreciate the decision to center the story around a child’s dream of saving the world, because that’s something every child has dreamt of. If you’re looking for a game with therapeutic elements that will help you clear your mind from the craziness of a “AAA” game, then ‘Oure will definitely help you get there.

Developer: Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs

Publisher : Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs

Release Date: October 30th, 2017

Available On: PlayStation 4

Disclaimer: This game was provided by the publisher for review purposes



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