South Park: The Fractured But Whole Review

*Disclaimer: To keep in with comedy of The Fractured But Whole, this review will have plenty of poop jokes and toilet jokes. You’ve been warned*

War wages on from The Stick of Truth. The King still reigns supreme. But with war our soldiers tremble & empires crumble. Soldiers are your ass cheeks and the empire is the poop coming out your butt. Huh? Your friends are looking for you, The King, but you are sitting on your iron ivory throne just dropping a huge turd. This is how the game introduces you to, well yourself. You start off with a toilet mini game, one you will become familiar with throughout the game. The goal? Pinch that nugget out of your butt.


The Fractured But Whole trades its Game of Thrones theme for Super Hero Franchises. South Park does what it does best and mocks the genre heavily. You’re able to select dual classes in here and the best part is you can change your class at any time. You don’t have to worry about which one to pick at first which gives the freedom of exploring all classes fully.

For anyone who’s played The Stick of Truth, you know exactly what to expect context wise from this game. The main difference here is the combat mechanics. Gone are the classic RPG turned based style gameplay (Similar to your Super Mario RPG) and in come the more tactical grid based game type (Think Front Mission or Final Fantasy Tactics). That is where the main differences end. The rest of the game plays out exactly like you think it would. A 20 hour South Park episode. The jokes are raunchier than ever. Matt & Trey continue to push the boundaries on comedy. This game is no different. One fight has you going up against molesting priests where one of them pulls anal beads out of their ass to then swing at you. It’s absurd what they think of!

South Park™: The Fractured But Whole™_20170901124102

When you’re not fighting a stripper or a child molester, you’re wandering around South Park. Either looting peoples homes (don’t worry they leave their doors wide open) or taking selfies with strangers to improve your “influencer” status. While the script of this game is absolutely top notch hilarity, the pacing of the game doesn’t meet the same finesse. During my first 5 hours I found myself constantly wondering screen to screen, house to house, toilet to toilet (you know, to drop off some two bite brownies) just to get whatever loot was in there. I was never guided to do that but it felt like I needed to do it. The items I got felt as if I could have done without them, which at that point, why am I looting them in the first place? Being a Ubisoft game, they’ve mastered the “checklist” type gameplay where you feel you need to do everything that shows up on your map. In The Fractured But Whole however none of these tasks feel particularly fun. If anything they get repetitive and start to drag the game.


The Nintendo Switch version is identical to what you would have seen on the previous iterations across Xbox One & PlayStation 4. The Switch version suffers at times from longer & extra load screens but other than the game was a smooth experience throughout the play through.


The Fractured But Whole is a xontinuation of what came before it. With new gameplay tricks to keep you going, the main lure is the fantastic comedy uou expect from Matt and Trey. Whether or not you are a fan of this genre, as long as you a fan of the show you will find something to love about this game

DEVELOPER: Ubisoft San Francisco


RELEASE DATE: April 24th, 2018 (Nintendo Switch)




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